Protecting Your Perimeters

Whether its an electrical substation or an airport runway, fences are everywhere.  The problem with fences is that they are simply a deterrent.  If someone really wants to get through the fence, they will.  And, its impossible to watch every linear foot of fencing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The manpower required is prohibitive.

AgilityVideo combines your existing CCTV system with our advanced video analysis to actively scan and identify any potential perimeter intrusions.  And, while most analytics today cannot maintain a high detection rate while keeping the false positive rate low enough for large scale deployment, our SmartCatch system is proven in systems with hundreds of cameras. It even learns from its mistakes, adapting to changes that were not anticipated before installation.

See this file for a technical specification of the SmartCatch Perimeter Intrusion Detection System: SmartCatchBehaviorSpecs-PerimeterIntrusion_20130715