Intrusion Detection

Perimeter security has never been more important. With the rise in value of raw materials, theft is increasingly a problem. Liability for injuries makes it critical to keep people out of unauthorized areas. And government regulations to protect critical infrastructure are raising the bar on required security levels.

Security architectures commonly rely on a series of sensors to detect an intruder and a separate network of CCTV cameras to allow personnel to verify alarms.

AgilityVideo’s  intrusion detection changes the rules of the game.

Rather than using separately deployed sensors, it automatically monitors the video feeds coming from the CCTV system, recognizes intrusion by people or vehicles, and reports it to your guards.
AgilityVideo instantly shows you a video clip of the cause of every alarm. There’s no need for guards to select cameras and search video. They can assess each alert in seconds to determine the appropriate response. And if you have PTZ cameras, SmartCatch can automatically point them at the intruder.

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