AgilityVideo Re-Launches Vidient

AgilityVideo Announces Exclusive Licensing Agreement to Re-launch Vidient Automated Video Surveillance
New business will focus on intrusion detection — especially rail

Cherry Hill, N.J. (March 9, 2012 ) — AgilityVideo LLC today announced that it has signed an agreement with Agilence, Inc., providing exclusive rights to develop, license, deploy, and support the SmartCatch video analytics software formerly offered by Vidient Systems, Inc. These rights encompass all of the applications previously offered by Vidient. AgilityVideo will initially focus on two high performance applications that Vidient perfected, large scale deployment of both long-range outdoor perimeter intrusion and rail track and tunnel intrusion.

The largest deployment of SmartCatch to date currently protects the subways of the Montreal Metro system, third largest in North America. This system has been operating successfully for more than two years with an unsurpassed balance of high sensitivity and low false detection rate.

“The strong positive experience of SmartCatch end users convinced me to re-launch this business,” states J. Michael Rozmus, CEO of AgilityVideo. “The SmartCatch performance in the Montreal Metro system is the best large-scale video analytics that I have encountered in many years of work in video surveillance and computer vision product development. The SmartCatch long-range outdoor perimeter intrusion detection has few performance peers and is more flexible than competitors because it uses standard cameras and servers and integrates easily with other security systems.”

About AgilityVideo
AgilityVideo LLC develops and delivers SmartCatch software, the world’s leading automated video surveillance solution to guard against unauthorized intrusion of critical infrastructure – transportation, water utilities, electric power, petrochemical facilities, etc. For more information, see or call 856-375-1212.

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Agilence develops Hawkeye, an industry leading POS video auditing solution that enables retailers to quickly identify losses caused by operational errors, promotion execution, systemic errors, and associate fraud. Hawkeye efficiently identifies store-wide losses at the point-of-sale before they can erode profit margins and provides retailers with an ROI in less than 6 months.
Founded in 2006, Agilence, Inc. is headquartered in Camden, N.J. To learn more about Agilence, Inc., please visit or call 866-710-3792.

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